Matching the scan abutments

Choose Type of implant

We will choose the type of implant by unfolding the combo box [1] and select one implant library which is implemented in the CAD platform. After that we have to choose the diameter [2] to get a correct fitting on the titanium clue base.

By using the Info button [3] you can get information about the chosen implant library.

We can choose with lock if you want rotation lock [4], then there will be the hex, which is usable for abutments. Or choose no lock, then there is a round shape, which is usable for bridges, so there is no rotation security necessary.

Detect implant position screw retained svg.png

Detect implant position

Look at the red point [5] on the scan abutment in the wizard window. Click at the same position on the scan data and after that „Best fit matching“ [7] to position the scan abutment correctly. Then click „Next“ to fit other implant positions or proceed with the next wizard step.
Sometimes when the scan data is not optimal and you have artefacts in the lower part, in example the adjacent teeth are to close to the scan abutments, then it may help to cut away the lower part of the geometry from the scan abutment for matching by increasing the slider [6]. This a way which might help improve results.


We can messure accuracy by clicking „Best fit matching“ and pressing the <CTRL> Key – if you see a lot of blue color it's good.


Fitting accuracy svg.png