Showing/hiding objects in the viewer

Dcad 01.jpg

The „Show/Hide groups“, as the name suggests, allows you to show or hide objects (like scan data, constructed parts), by using the checkboxes left of the group description. Objects are grouped by type. For a more fine-grained selection, unfold a group by clicking on the little arrow left of the checkbox.

As you proceed with the construction, the list will become more and more populated. A menu is available by right-clicking on a group (E.g. right-click on „Anatomic shapes“). Among other things, this allows you to toggle transparency for an entire group of parts – a frequently used feature.

Unfold the "Teeth" expander to switch visibility on a per-tooth basis. Unfold the "Hidden" expander to see what parts are currently hidden. Use the "Show all" button to show all parts available.

Hotkey Instead of using the "Show all" button, you can also hold down the <ALT> key to temporarily show all parts.