Emergence profile

Emergence Profile

Profile of the implant’s surrounding soft tissue, which is to be formed in physiological
and optical accordance with the natural tooth (papilla shape).
For implant restorations, it is nowadays of essential importance to optain a good
aesthetic result. This is achieved among others by reconstruction of the gingival
margin and the interdental papilla – taking into consideration the natural state.
The emergence profile of the supra construction influences the formation and
preservation of the gingival margin.
For definitive restorations, mainly an individual structure is made and the supra
construction is cemented. This is exactly the problem when treating patients with
thin gingiva (thin biotype).
Thus, the cement surpluses can be removed, the transition between the set-up
and the final restoration is slightly sub-gingival (0.5 mm to 1.0 mm) – so just within
the emergence profile.

Emergence profile and gingival margin


The formula for the successful formation of the gingival margin is pressure.
The peri-implant mucosa has to be adapted in the manner that it puts sufficient
pressure on the implant. The emergence profile of the supra construction also
imposes pressure on the soft tissues and the gingival margin occurs exactly there,
where these opposite forces are clashing each other. Position and shape of the
gingival margin can be influenced by changing the contour of the emergence
profile and thus modifying the pressure.
Use a thin biotype the Regular design titanium bases, it can lead to loss of gingiva.
If the contour is built-up, the pressure is enforced and the gingival margin is moving
towards apical direction. However, it would be reduced, the pressure drops and the
gingival margin runs along the passage section of the supra construction.
In order to customize the individual formation of the soft tissue and to control the
position of the gingival margin to be created, an appropriate emergence profile
must be designed. Since a thin gingival tissue only provides less soft tissue,
its height must be completely preserved for the shaping of the ideal emergence
profile. In case that there’s sufficient tissue existing, the volume pressure can be
increased to form the gingival margin.
If they make the right decision according to requirement and desired result. With the Zfx titan's bases you have the choice, pressure for thick biotype and no pressure for thin biotype!
By using the Zfx Titanium bases you can individually react on the various requirements.
For thin biotype we recommend the Small Design Series, as in this case the
pressure may absolutely not be increased. Concerning the thick biotypes,
however, please use the Regular Titanium bases.