The context menu

The context menu

Context menus are available to help you explore what functions are available at a particular stage in the construction.

If you're new to this software, you will not need to use the context menu at all. But as you get more familiar with the software, you will appreciate the the options found there.

You can use the context menu to apply a certain function to:

  • All teeth (the 'root' context menu)
  • Just one tooth (the 'tooth-specific' context menu)
  • A group of previously selected teeth

You can open the 'root' context menu by right-clicking on the background of the CAD window. Functions you select here will be applied to all suitable parts of the construction. The 'root' context menu also gives you access to some advanced dialogs, found in the 'View' submenu.

By right-clicking on an individual tooth in the viewer, you can open the 'tooth-specific' context menu. Items you select here will be applied only to the tooth you clicked on.

To apply a context menu function to a group of teeth (but not to all), hold <CTRL> and click on the teeth to mark (note that the teeth will change color). Then, right-click on the background to see the context menu specific to the marked teeth.

The context menu will adapt itself to the current state of the construction, so the menu entries you see vary during the course of the design. So if you're looking for a particular feature, it's always a good idea to explore the context menu. But note that while the wizard is running, only a stripped-down version of the context menu is available.

Some of the most-used menu entries from the context menu are also available though the button bar, which appears when the wizard is closed.