Telescopic crowns

Telescopic crowns

The design of telescopic crowns is controlled via control points, that are moved with the mouse.

Mouse interactions & hotkeys for telescopic crown function

You can move the control points (the small balls) by dragging them with left mouse button. You can also drag the arrows, for restricted movement in one direction.

  • Control+Click Add Control Point
  • Drag Point + Right click Remove control point
  • Shift+Drag move point and its neighbors on the same side of the telescopic crown
  • Control+Drag move all points all around together
  • Control+Shift+Click insert additional control line

Usage of the UFO / Hat / Tooth icon

When you move the mouse pointer near the center of a segment (which is delimited by four surrounding control points), a small icon spawns. Depending on the state of segment, it either shows:

  • A hat - this segment is friction surface
  • An UFO - this segment has a conical shape
  • A tooth - this segment has full anatomic shape

Click the icon to toggle between state, for this segment. Hold Ctrl to toggle all around.

Using this feature, complex semi-telescopic/semi-anatomic designs are possible:

Deepening the upper surface area

To deepen the surface area (push it down, to gain more space), Ctrl+Shift-click on it to add an additional control point, which you can move up or down to control the height. If you add a second control points here (by Ctrl+clicking), they will be connected through a pink line, which will also pull up/down the surface when moved: 

Clicking the toggle disc below these control points will keep them positioned at the lowest possible point (with regard to minimum thickness).